Local business leader discuses his policies in the race for Mayor

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Gridlock is a serious issue in Vaughan. If elected a new Mayor of Vaughan on October 24, 2022, Danny DeSantis has a plan to address traffic and all of the other important issues in the City of Vaughan.

Infrastructure Improvements: Roads and Transit Expansion

To solve the traffic problem in Vaughan we need to implement real solutions. Existing governments spend a lot of time talking about infrastructure improvements and very little time actually implementing solutions. It is important to improve the road infrastructure and to expand the subway and bus services in the City of Vaughan. This will take the pressure off the traffic gridlock and make commuting much easier for the people of Vaughan.

“We need to improve access ramps to Highway 400, link streets to Kipling, Kirby and Teston, and possibly add a new bridge for connecting Langstaff,” said Danny DeSantis.

Government Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility
Integrity, accountability, and responsibility are integral parts of Danny DeSantis and his businesses. Danny wants to bring his level of commitment to the people of Vaughan in a way that is transparent and trustworthy.

“To me, a career politician without business experience does not have the necessary skills to properly lead a city,” said Danny DeSantis. “Too much time is spent keeping the real agendas hidden from the people and I want to change that in Vaughan.”

Reducing the Costs of Living

Costs of living are skyrocketing everywhere. We need to find ways to bring costs down so that our families have more room to grow. One solution is to explore using the government owned lands in Vaughan and allocate some for creating affordable housing and daycare.

Affordable Housing and Daycare

Vaughan is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada. With its high standard of living, we need to take the pressure off of young families with children and seniors so that Vaughan can continue to thrive as a shining example of a modern urban center.

Supporting Mental Health & Senior Home Living

Anxiety, panic attacks and isolation often go unnoticed and untreated. Making mental health a priority, with anonymous treatments available free of cost, embarrassment and stigma, is the key to making Vaughan a happy place to live and play.

“Bringing senior and mental health facilities to remote parts of Ontario has been a passion of mine for the last six years,” said Danny DeSantis. “A group of partners and I created these important services in areas where none existed before. In the past, relocating loved ones to other urban centers for treatment and housing was the norm; now our investments are bringing families closer together.”

Supporting Small Business to Stimulate the Economy

The best way to improve the economy is to support the smaller businesses and help them grow. By helping these businesses and bringing new ones into Vaughan we help our economy grow and improve the lives of our citizens. This is a win-win situation for the people of Vaughan.

“Small business is the cornerstone of a good economy. The pandemic lock-downs affected this business sector more than any other – look at what has happened to our economy as a result,” said Danny DeSantis. “We will build strong support for our small businesses in Vaughan and our economy will flourish!”

Funding Youth Education and Programs

Youth education will always be a priority for Danny DeSantis. “We can never have enough programs to stimulate and educate our young people and in doing so invest in Vaughan’s future,” said Danny. “If we want Vaughan to grow, we must plant the seeds and then nurture the plants.”

Increasing the Security of our Citizens

Crime has been steadily increasing in Vaughan, including gang and gun violence. If we increase the funding for our police, we can curb the violence and let the criminals know that they are not wanted in Vaughan.

“It’s happening right now and our streets are becoming as violent as those in Toronto. It’s going to stop!” said Danny DeSantis. “I am very serious about this. You want to be a criminal? You want violence in Vaughan? Not on my watch.”

If you want a big change for the city, help elect a new mayor of Vaughan and vote for Danny DeSantis. The city of Vaughan Municipal Election will be held Monday October 24th, 2022.

For more information including a list of upcoming public appearances or to arrange for an in-person, private interview with Danny DeSantis, please contact Fred at 647-402-7411 | fred@electdesantis.ca

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