Rapid growth of residential units without improving the infrastructure causes traffic gridlock

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If you have ever driven through the City of Vaughan, you will understand the serious nature of dealing with heavy traffic. In the last decade, the citizens of Vaughan have witnessed a surge of residential units and condos but their core infrastructure has hardly improved. Vaughan needs a proper government plan to solve traffic and transportation problems due to the rapid increase in population.

“Residential units with an increased tax rate are a money maker for any city but ignoring the road and transit infrastructure is a recipe for disaster,” said Danny. “I have identified key points of improvement to get Vaughan out of the gridlock.”

The traffic routes in Vaughan are irregular. The major roads are not all completed or they are blocked. Traffic is driven to several choke points caused by these roads. This added traffic on slower regional roads is causing the gridlock we see today. Instead, people could be driving with greater efficiency on direct routes with smarter lights and new highways.

To begin with, the city needs to develop access ramps like a new northbound ramp from Langstaff to Highway 400, connect Kipling, extend Kirby, and create a new Langstaff Bridge. In the long term, the city needs to construct a new 400 series highway that will reduce commute time by at least 30 minutes and lessen the traffic congestion in the core of the city. This infrastructure plan can significantly reduce the traffic gridlock in Vaughan.

“Solving the road problem is only one half of the solution,” said Danny. “Transit must also be expanded to encourage more riders to leave their cars at home and use an improved public transportation system.”

The City of Vaughan must expand bus routes and increase the frequency of busses. Most importantly, it needs to build an extension to the subway system to make commuting in Vaughan more economical, faster, and less stressful.

“I want to extend the subway line to the Vaughan Mills Mall,” said Danny. “Imagine being able to take a subway from Langstaff, Rutherford or Major Mackenzie and get right to the mall.”

Danny DeSantis believes that infrastructure development is the key to Vaughan’s prosperous future over the next 10 years. This level of infrastructure development will need the participation of multiple Governments and the Province. Danny DeSantis has the necessary skills to produce results when bringing these infrastructure solutions to the City of Vaughan.

“I have over 20 years of business negotiation and management experience,” said Danny. “I am no stranger to conflict and conflict resolution. I can work through the bureaucracy and fix the infrastructure.”

If you want a big change for the City of Vaughan, vote to elect Danny DeSantis a New Mayor of Vaughan. Early voting centers will be open on October 6th, 2022. Advance voting can also be done online. The city of Vaughan Municipal Election will be held Monday October 24th, 2022.

For more information including a list of upcoming public appearances or to arrange for an in-person, private interview with Danny DeSantis, please contact Fred at 647-402-7411 | fred@electdesantis.ca

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