Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor for Ward 18 Willowdale, Toronto

“Willowdale is a place where there will always be opportunities for hardworking people to make their lives and the lives of their children better. I recently realized that I needed to contribute more of my time to improve this small corner of Toronto that is so much a part of my daily life. Together with your help we can make life in Willowdale even better.”

Willowdale, Toronto municipal election is Monday, October 22, 2018

Where can you VOTE? See a list of Voting Stations or Polling Places

Monday OCTOBER 22, 2018 from 10 AM to 8 PM

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City Councillor candidate Willowdale, Toronto

Ward 18


My name is Danny DeSantis and I am a first-generation Italian-Canadian who is proud to call Willowdale my home.

I was raised in Willowdale and my story is a similar one to many Canadians. My parents both immigrated to Toronto from Italy without knowing the language or culture; they recognized the potential and the vision of raising a family in Willowdale. My father was working in construction and my mother was working late hours in a warehouse just to make ends meet, to provide food on the table, and proper schooling for all three children. I am extremely grateful to my parents, not just for the life they were able to give my siblings and I, but for the great “values” they instilled in me. Be honest and loyal, help others, work hard and be responsible and it will pay off in the long run!

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
I attended St. Edwards elementary school, Brebeuf College school as well as the Northview Heights Secondary School right here in Willowdale. After high school I enrolled in a 3-year Construction Technology and Design course at George Brown College while starting a small landscaping company, which soon turned into a very successful business. Selling my first business many years later allowed me to invest in many other successful companies in Canada including construction, restaurants, software, cleaning, real estate and more. I realized at a very young age that running my own business was a great way to meet people and to get involved in my community. I saw first-hand what makes our Willowdale community so special, so vibrant, and very distinct from many other Toronto communities. Willowdale is a multicultural community that we should all be very proud of!

I am not a career politician but I am a very successful entrepreneur. Because of the values that have been instilled in me by my parents, I am fiscally responsible in my businesses and I want to impart these same great values for my community. I have decided to put all my businesses aside in order to dedicate my time to make Willowdale better for everyone. I got into politics because I believe there is a lot of “neglected” work to be done locally. We need to protect the legacy of Willowdale and make everyone proud to live here.

Together with your help we can make life in Willowdale even better – on October 22, 2018 VOTE DeSantis.

I look forward to meeting you on our canvases.

Danny DeSantis

My Policies for Willowdale, Toronto Ward 18

“I Want to Work Hard for You and the Community and Earn Your Vote”

Being born and raised in the community of Willowdale, Danny DeSantis is instinctively aware of issues that need work and he is the type of person that will get it done!
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Improve 401 Access on Yonge Street

Building a better access ramp to Highway 401 eastbound lanes will decrease traffic jams along Yonge and Sheppard.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Increase Police Protection

Increasing police budgets for enforcement and community education is very important as crime and speeders are a major concern to Willowdale constituents.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Improve Infrastructure: Roads, Sewers and Power

Fixing roads for the long term is the solution, rather than patching; sewers have not kept up with the local demand; power grid must be moved underground.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Expand Affordable Housing and Daycare

Expanding development of affordable housing and daycare spaces will support people on fixed incomes and our elderly.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Create a Pedestrian Sub-Path for Year Round Access

Encouraging businesses to connect subway with condos and office buildings along Yonge Street will increase commerce in a sub-environment similar to PATH Toronto.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Extend TTC Subway Service

Extending the Yonge subway North to Steeles, West to Downsview/Sheppard West Station, and the addition of a new Sheppard station between Yonge and Bayview in Willowdale.

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Create Bike Paths along Beecroft or Doris instead of Yonge

Allowing bicycle traffic along Yonge Street increases traffic congestion and creates hazardous conditions for cyclists.
VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Promote Business Development along Sheppard

Encouraging first floor development of commercial spaces along Sheppard Avenue will increase commerce and employment.

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Champion Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

Spending money entrusted by the citizens requires great responsibility and transparency. City Councillors must be accountable to serve the people of Toronto.

Danny DeSantis Among the People

Danny DeSantis enjoys being active in the community and is known by many people in Willowdale and in the Greater Toronto Area. He enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is a true “man of the people”.

View more on Instagram…

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis’s number one supporter, his Mom, Lucia DeSantis

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with his parents Lucia and Umberto DeSantis

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Toronto Mayor John Tory and his wife Barbara

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Toronto City Councillor Mark Grimes

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Judy Sgro and Deanna Sgro

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Willowdale MPP Stan Cho and Caroline

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with John Gallager and George Chuvalo

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Steve Gennaro’s Kids at 40th Birthday Party

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis and Giancarlo Totino with Godson Joseph at St. Edward’s Church

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18
Danny DeSantis with Vince Gasparro, Jenni Byrne, Joe Ragusa and Friends

Elect Danny DeSantis Endorsements

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

MP CHUNGSEN LEUNG - Parlament Secretary for Multiculturalism

“I am pleased to add my support for Danny DeSantis as the candidate for Ward 28 in the City of Toronto.  Danny has long and deep ties with the Willowdale community for many decades.  He understands and has experienced the dynamic growth of this community from a quiet suburban community to the vibrant and ethnically diverse neighborhood that it is today.  During my many meetings with him, he has demonstrated his passion for: fiscal responsibility, economic sustainability and manged growth to make Willowdale a great place for families to live and to work.”

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

JUDY SGRO - Liberal MP, Former Minister of Immigration

I have known Danny for many years. I know him to be a hard worker and a man of action. In all of my interactions I can best describe Danny DeSantis as a “doer”!

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

STEVE RAFAEL - Co-Owner Kiva's Bakery and Market

“Glad to see you run.. You have our full support here at Kiva’s”


VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

STEW KO - Korean Community Leader

“Happy to see you running for City council you have all the support of me and all my Korean friends.”


VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

ALFRED APPS - Liberal Party of Canada President

“I have known Danny DeSantis for many years.  He is the type of person who faces challenges and solves problem quickly and efficiently.  Danny works hard and has friends from every background and in all political parties.  He will be a great community builder just as he has been a builder of great businesses.  He will be a benefit to Willowdale and is just what Toronto needs at this time.

Danny has my complete support.”

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

KIU REZVANIFAR - President Canadian Ethnic Media Association & Editor Persian Tribune

“Danny has been a friend to the Iranian community for a very long time. He has a very good understanding of our needs and issues. This is why I feel he is the best candidate to represent our community in Willowdale for the next election.

I endorse Danny DeSantis completely and wish him the best of luck.”

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18


Danny is our friend for over 35 years. We grew up together, watched him go from a young business man to a very successful entrepreneur. Here at Golden Star we are so proud of him and can’t think of a better person to represent Willowdale. Danny, Golden Star gives you our complete support.

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

MARK GRIMES - Toronto City Councillor Ward 6 Etobicoke

Danny DeSantis is a born leader. The key to his success is his abilities as a skilled negotiator and a hard worker.

Danny will be an amazing asset to City Council.

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

LINDA PINIZZOTTO - Founder Condominium Owners Association

We are thrilled to endorse Danny DeSantis as a Candidate for Ward 18 – Willowdale. His wonderful support of the Condo Owners Association Toronto has helped us to achieve our goals.  Danny had a keen interest in providing better condo communities and embracing a community lifestyle for constituents.  We wish him success in the upcoming election.

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

GIANFRANCO CRISTIANO - Catholic School Board Trustee Candidate

I knew that Danny and I would be a good fit right from the start. We come from similar backgrounds and have a love for the Catholic School system. We both enjoy helping out the community and are driven to succeed. We will make an excellent team.

Don’t Forget to VOTE for Danny DeSantis

Willowdale, Toronto municipal election is Monday, October 22, 2018








Elect Danny DeSantis Testimonials

“Way to go Danny. I wish you all the best in the upcoming municipal election. I do believe you possess all the essential human qualities to be an effective City Councillor. You have the necessary vision, drive and commitment to make a positive difference for Ward 28. All the best. You can do it! Best of luck!!”

Dr. Michael Pianezza, Toronto

“Where is the party?”

Joe Blake, Registrar/Clerk at Ministry of the Attorney General

“You got my vote!!!!”

Mariella Totino, RBC Royal Bank Retired Lansing Resident

“Congrats buddy you have all my support”

John Ciampini, Entrepreneur and Musician

“I have known Danny DeSantis for the past 8 years. I met him when I was hired to be the Marketing Executive of a company he was an Angel Investor in.  I have always known Danny to be a good person and one of the few people who does exactly as he says. He is a man of deeply held convictions and a seriously keen intellect. Above all else though, Danny is a doer, he is a person of action who will fight aggressively for the things he believes in. I was honoured to be chosen as his Campaign Manager and a pleasure to bring all my skills to help him succeed.”

Fred Luchetti, Richmond Hill

“The City needs you!”

Ronny Farah, Toronto

“No one will stand a chance against you :)”

Ursula Suppa, Toronto

“Good luck they need a person like you”

Sammy Abdallah, Toronto

“I’m with you 100% Danny Boy… you are the best at it”

Ali Shaker, Toronto

“I’m moving back to my parent’s basement to vote for you!! :)”

Steve Zullo, Toronto

“I support you Danny 100%! You’re the right person for the job.”

Tony Mantas, Toronto

“Get it done my friend bring back those timeless values are community needs…. Dai Forza! A fresh voice that is bold and tenuous is what you bring. This is what City Hall needs, a brave lion who isn’t afraid to counter the status quo. God bless you!”

Dave Mazzei, Toronto

“Glad to see you run. You have our full support here at Kiva’s!”

Kiva’s, North York

Elect Danny DeSantis Top Stories

The Danny DeSantis Christmas Party Promises to Become an Annual Event

"I have a Christmas Party every year for my friends, this year I am opening the doors to all of Willowdale." The Queen Margherita Pizza Restaurant was home to Danny DeSantis' Christmas party last night. This year the invitation went out to the people of Willowdale as...

Danny DeSantis Sponsors Halloween Party For Willowdale

Danny DeSantis continued his public involvement with Willowdale by sponsoring a Halloween Party and inviting the whole of Willowdale. The evening was full of live music and costumes. The festivities began at 7:30 and went on well into the night. Many local celebrities...

City Councillor Candidate Danny DeSantis debates incumbent John Filion in Willowdale. Should voters in Ward 18 trust Toronto election polls?

During their recent debate, which included Danny DeSantis, John Filion, Lily Cheng, Norm Gardner, Sonny Cho, Sam Moini, Saman Tabasi Nejad and David Mousavi, Danny drew the most enthusiastic response from the audience. Besides debating policies, Danny brought into question John Filion’s past remarks made toward the Italian and Iranian communities.

Danny DeSantis confronts John Filion at Ward 18 Councillor Candidate Debate

There was a heated flurry of words last night as incumbent City of Toronto Councillor John Filion was confronted by Danny DeSantis when the Councillor suggested that building development should be frozen.

Ward 18 electoral district has 18 candidates, including Danny DeSantis and John Filion

Why is Danny DeSantis a better choice for voters in Willowdale riding than John Filion?

Danny DeSantis puts signs up in Willowdale Ward 18

The Danny DeSantis Signs are out. Get yours today.

Danny DeSantis, a City Councillor Candidate for Ward 18 in Willowdale, promotes his policies and meets with Toronto Mayor John Tory

TORONTO, September 17, 2018 – At the Albany Club luncheon, Toronto Mayor John Tory met with special guests to discuss upcoming issues.

Danny DeSantis Campaign Fund Raiser

Danny DeSantis Campaign Fund Raiser: Thursday September 20th, 6:30 PM at Le Jardin Banquet Hall.

Danny DeSantis to Visit Local Comedy Night

On September 28th, Danny DeSantis will be present at the North York Veterans Club to meet local residents and have a good time

Press Release: Danny DeSantis for Councillor of Ward 18 in Willowdale

TORONTO, Aug. 30, 2018 /CNW/ – “I am a first-generation Italian-Canadian who is proud to call Willowdale my home. I was raised in Willowdale and my story is a similar one to many Canadians…

Catching up with Danny DeSantis

SNAPD North York News

The people at Snapd North York took some time to follow Danny DeSantis around Willowdale on the campaign trail. “I would like to take a minute to thank the people at Snapd North York for such a wonder write up in their August North York Edition…

Danny DeSantis at Cultura Festival

Elect DeSantis in Willowdale

Danny spent the month of July visiting the Cultura Festival to mingle with the citizens of Willowdale. He was warmly received by local residents. Informing people about the upcoming election and the policies that he represents…

Volunteer to Help Elect Danny DeSantis

Please be aware that any information you submit here will be kept completely private.

Your information will not be distributed or publicized.

What I Can Volunteer:

The Best Way to Contact Me:

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Toronto’s New Ward 18 Toronto in Willowdale

Most ward boundaries throughout the GTA have been adjusted. The boundaries for the City of Toronto’s 25 wards were established using the Provincial electoral ridings with minor adjustments to reflect Toronto’s boundaries and will be used to conduct the 2018 general municipal election. They will come into force on December 1, 2018.

The NEW Ward 18 spans from Bathurst Street on the west side to Bayview Avenue in Willowdale on the east side, and from Highway 401 on the south side to Steeles Avenue West on the north side.

Abbotsford Rd
Abitibi Ave
Addington Ave
Addington Pl
Alfred Ave
Algo Crt
Alonzo Rd
Altamont Rd
Ancona St
Aneta Crcl
Annapearl Crt
Anndale Dr
Arran Cres
Athabaska Ave
Audubon Crt
Averill Cres
Avondale Ave
Avonhill Crt
Bales Ave
Bassano Rd
Basswood Rd
Bathurst St
Bayview Ave
Beecroft Rd
Betty Ann Dr
Bevdale Rd
Bishop Ave
Bison Dr
Blake Ave
Blakeley Rd
Blakely Rd
Bogert Ave
Bonnington Pl
Botham Rd
Bowerbank Dr
Brenham Cres
Brentwood Ave
Brill Cres
Burke St
Burndale Ave
Burnett Ave
Byng Ave
Cactus Ave
Cadmus Rd
Caines Ave
Calderon Cres
Calvin Ave
Cameron Ave
Candy Courtway
Canterbury Pl
Carnegie Crt
Carney Rd
Caswell Dr
Catalda Crt
Cathcart St
Centre Ave
Charlemagne Dr
Charlton Blvd
Chelmsford Ave
Chiswell Cres
Christine Cres
Church Ave
Churchill Ave
Clairtrell Rd
Clarkhill St
Claywood Rd
Clearcrest Ave
Cloebury Crt
Cobden St
Community Crcl
Conacher Dr
Connaught Ave
Craigmore Cres
Creekside Rd
Crispin Cres
Crossen Dr
Cummer Ave
Cushendale Dr
Dallas Rd
Debell Lane
Deering Cres
Derwent Crt
Devondale Ave
Dewlane Dr
Diagonal Rd
Digby Crt
Don River Blvd
Donna Crt
Donnalyn Dr
Doris Ave
Dornfell St
Doverwood Crt
Drewry Ave
Dromore Cres
Dudley Ave
Dumont St
Dunforest Ave
Dunview Ave
Duplex Ave
Easton Rd
Edithvale Dr
Eldora Ave
Elise Terrace
Ellerslie Ave
Elmhurst Ave
Elmview Ave
Elmwood Ave
Elynhill Dr
Empress Ave
English Garden Way
Espana Lane
Estelle Ave
Evan Rd
Everingham Crt
Everson Dr
Fairchild Ave
Fargo Ave
Farrell Ave
Fashion Roseway
Feldbar Crt
Fernside Crt
Finch Ave E
Finch Ave W
Finchurst Dr
Flaming Roseway
Fleetwell Crt
Flook Lane
Florence Ave
Fontainbleau Dr
Forest Laneway
Franklin Ave
Frivick Crt
Gardenia Crt
Garvin Mews
Gaslight Crt
Geranium Crt
Gladys Allison Pl
Glenborough Park Cres
Glendora Ave
Glenelia Ave
Gossamer Ave
Goulding Ave
Grandview Way
Granlea Rd
Grantbrook St
Green Bush Rd
Greenfield Ave
Greenview Ave
Greenwin Village Rd
Greenyards Dr
Gustav Cres
Gwendolen Ave
Gwendolen Cres
Gypsy Roseway
Halcyon Lane
Harlandale Ave
Harnish Cres
Harrison Garden Blvd
Hayes Lane
Hazelglen Ave
Hendon Ave
Highgate Ave
Hilda Ave
Hillcrest Ave
Holcolm Rd
Holita Rd
Hollywood Ave
Holmes Ave
Homewood Ave
Horsham Ave
Hounslow Ave
Humberstone Dr
Hycrest Ave
Inez Crt
Irvington Cres
Johnson Farm Lane
Johnston Ave
Jonathan Dunn Way
Kenneth Ave
Kenneth Wood Cres
Kensington Ave
Kenton Dr
Kingsdale Ave
Lailey Cres
Lanbrooke Ave
Laredo Crt
Lariviere Rd
Lawnview Dr
Leadenhall Rd
Leona Dr
Lillian St
Linelle St
Lissom Cres
Lister Dr
Lloydminster Cres
Logandale Rd
Longmore St
Lorraine Dr
Lurgan Dr
Lyndale Dr
Madawaska Ave
Madeline Rd
Mallingham Crt
Manadon Dr
Manorcrest Dr
Maplehurst Ave
Marathon Cres
Maxome Ave
Mcbride Lane
Mckee Ave
Meadow Larkway
Melton Grove St
Michigan Dr
Montford Dr
Moore Park Ave
Muirkirk Rd
Mullet Rd
Mylesview Pl
Nevada Ave
Newton Dr
Nipigon Ave
Northtown Way
Northwood Dr
Norton Ave
Norwin St
Oakburn Cres
Olive Ave
Otonabee Ave
Pamcrest Dr
Park Home Ave
Parkview Ave
Parravano Crt
Patricia Ave
Paultiel Dr
Peckham Ave
Pemberton Ave
Pennard Crt
Pewter Rd
Pheasant Rd
Pleasant Ave
Poyntz Ave
Princess Ave
Quilter Rd
Regatta Cres
Regis Dr
Revcoe Dr
Risebrough Ave
Robinter Dr
Robson Pl
Rodeo Crt
Rodney Blvd
Routliffe Lane
Roycrest Ave
Rubicon Crt
Ruth Ave
Saber Crt
Santa Barbara Rd
Senlac Rd
Sheppard Ave E
Sheppard Ave W
Shetland St
Silverview Dr
Slingsby Lane
Sommerset Way
Spring Garden Ave
St Paschal Crt
Stafford Rd
Steeles Ave E
Steeles Ave W
Strawflower Mews
Stuart Ave
Stuart Cres
Sunforest Crt
Swiss Crt
Talbot Rd
Tamworth Rd
Tangreen Crt
Tanjoe Cres
Tanner Crt
Teagarden Crt
Tefley Rd
Temagami Crt
Terrace Ave
Texas Rose Way
Theresa Ave
Tigerlily Crt
Tobruk Cres
Toffoli Pl
Transwell Ave
Upper Madison Ave
Urbandale Ave
Vonda Ave
Walker Rd
Wallbridge Crt
Waring Crt
Wedgeport Pl
Wedgewood Dr
Welbeck Rd
Wentworth Ave
Whitman St
Wideford Pl
Wilfred Ave
William Poole Way
Willimart Crt
Willow Heights Crt
Willowdale Ave
Winlock Pk
Wynn Rd
Yonge St
Yorkview Dr


Ward 18 Willowdale Toronto, Polling Places / Stations

You can VOTE for Danny DeSantis on Election Day – OCTOBER 22, 2018 at Voting Places / Stations below:

You need identification to vote so bring one piece of ID showing your name and address. 

You may vote in Toronto’s municipal election if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen; and
  • at least 18 years old; and
  • a resident in the City of Toronto; or
  • a non-resident of Toronto, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the City; and
  • not prohibited from voting under any law

Voting happens from 10 AM to 8 PM

ADDRESS (Click for MAP)
1Village Gate Apartments775 Steeles Avenue WestLobby
2485 Patricia Avenue485 Patricia AvenueParty Room
3Cheltenham Care Community5935 Bathurst StreetLounge
4Fisherville Junior High School425 Patricia AvenueGym
5Pleasant Public School288 Pleasant AvenueGym
6Dalemont205 Hilda AvenueParty Room
7Carrington Tower10 Tangreen CourtParty Room
8Newtonbrook Secondary School155 Hilda AvenueGym 2
9Goulding Community Centre45 Goulding AvenueGym
10Wedgewood Place6061 Yonge StreetLobby
11Salvation Army North York Temple25 Centre AvenueMain Lobby
12Lillian Public School1059 Lillian StreetGym
13Brebeuf College School211 Steeles Ave EastGym
14Carefree Lodge306 Finch Avenue EastEastside Lounge
15Cummer Valley Middle School70 Maxome AvenueGym
16Cummer Lodge205 Cummer AvenueLobby
17Willowdale Manor175 Cummer AvenueAuditorium
18Paramount39 Pemberton AveParty Room
19Park Palace28 Pemberton AvenueParty Room
20Park Lane I3 Pemberton AvenueParty Room
21Vogue Condominium7 Bishop AvenueParty Room
22Place Nouveau5765 Yonge StreetParty Room
23Luxe5791 Yonge StParty Room
24Meridian15 Greenview AveCard Room
25R.J. Lang Elementary and Middle School227 Drewry AvenueGym
26St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School160 Finch Avenue WestGym
27Yorkview Public School130 Yorkview DriveGym
28Edithvale Community Centre131 Finch Avenue WestGym
29Churchill Public School188 Churchill AvenueGym
30St. Edward The Confessor Church75 Churchill AvenueHall
31The Continental503 Beecroft RoadParty Room
32Sonata7 Lorraine DriveParty Room
33Symphony Square23 Lorraine DriveParty Room
34Pulse5500 Yonge StExercise Room
35Skyview-On-Yonge5444 Yonge StreetRec Room
36The Kempford5430 Yonge StreetRec. Room
37Delmanor Northtown5351 Yonge StParty Room
38Triomphe I and II5 Northtown WayParty Room
39Grand Triomphe10 Northtown Way Party Room – 2nd Floor
40Grand Triomphe II500 Doris AveParty Lounge
41Sommerset Way18 Sommerset WaySommerset Room
42The Monet60 Byng AveParty Room
43Willowdale Baptist Church15 Olive AvenueFellowship Hall
44Mona Lisa18 Holmes AvenueParty Room
45The Galleria77 Finch Avenue EastParty Room
46McKee Public School35 Church AvenueGym
47Mitchell Field Community Centre89 Church AvenueGym
48Finch Public School277 Finch Avenue EastGym
49Hollywood Public School360 Hollywood AvenueGym
50St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church432 Sheppard Avenue EastHall
51Earl Haig Secondary School100 Princess AvenueWavy Hall
52Spring Garden Baptist Church112 Spring Garden AvenueMulti Purpose Room
53Gibson Square5162 Yonge StParty Room
54Beecroft Manor35 Park Home AvenueRecreation Room
55North York Civic Centre5100 Yonge StreetCommittee Room 4
56Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club150 Beecroft RoadMeeting Room
57Ultima at Broadway North Tower4978 Yonge StParty Room
58Ultima at Broadway4968 Yonge StParty Room
59Hollywood Plaza18 Hollywood AvenueParty Room
60Pearl Condominium35 Hollywood AvenueParty Room
61Platinum Towers23 Hollywood AveParty Room
62Platinum XO18 Spring Garden AveParty Room
63Atrium II65 Spring Garden AvenueJade Room
64Cardinal Carter Academy For The Arts36 Greenfield AvenueLobby
65Rodeo Walk30 Greenfield AvenueParty Room
66Residence of Upper Madison100 Upper Madison AvenueParty Room
67Manhattan Place131 Beecroft RoadBoard Room
68The Atrium33 Elmhurst AvenueParty Room
69Lansing United Church49 Bogert AvenueCommunity Hall 1
70Emerald Park9 Bogert AveParty Room
71Hullmark Centre4773 Yonge StreetDining Room
72Spring at Minto Gardens23 Sheppard Ave ELounge
73Cosmo Condominiums35 Bales AvenueParty Room
74Savvy17 Anndale DriveParty Room
75Aristo120 Harrison Garden BlvdDining Room
76Avonshire100 Harrison Garden Blvd.Party Room
77Harrison105 Harrison Garden Blvd.Party Room
783 and 5 Everson Drive3 Everson DriveParty Room
79The Mansions of Avondale55 Harrison Garden Blvd.Entertainment Room
80Skymark at Avondale78 Harrison Garden BlvdParty Room
81Spectrum I30 Harrison Garden BlvdParty Room
82Spectrum II28 Harrison Garden Blvd.Party Room
83Residences of Avondale16 Harrison Garden BlvdMulti Purpose Room
84St. Edward Catholic School1 Botham RoadGym
85Cameron Public School211 Cameron AvenueGym
86Lansing Residence10 Senlac RoadMain Lobby
87Prestige School21 Eddfield AvenueGym

” I will work hard for You and our Willowdale community!

“I am not a career politician. I got into politics because I believe we need to protect the legacy of Willowdale. Willowdale is a place where there will always be opportunities for hardworking people to make their lives and the lives of their children better.”

VOTE to Elect Danny DeSantis Councillor Ward 18

Danny DeSantis, Entrepreneur

Phone: +1 (647) 562-9966

Website: DannyDesantis.ca

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