Local business leader enters the race for Mayor

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Over the past 15 years Danny DeSantis has been incubating businesses in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Today Danny announces that he is entering the race for Mayor of Vaughan. Danny enters into the arena of public service vowing to be much different than those that came before him.

Danny DeSantis stands for accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility. Danny has always felt that government leaders should fully serve the people that voted them into office. When leaders focus on their own self interests or those of their friends, they neglect the needs of the people that elected them in the first place.

“I am a first-generation Italian Canadian who is proud to call Vaughan my home. I got involved with politics because I saw how the mismanagement of career politicians was hurting this city, its people, and the economy. We have traffic problems, cost of living problems, crime problems, youth and education problems, mental health and senior home living problems – everywhere I turn I see fires that need to be put out and issues that need to be dealt with,” said Danny.

Danny DeSantis has many great ideas for solving the gridlock in Vaughan, including connecting different areas and streets with a new Langstaff bridge. Danny wants to take his extensive business experience and apply it to government to get things done.

“I am a successful businessman and entrepreneur. I am fiscally responsible in my businesses and I want to instill these same great values to the city of Vaughan. I am proud of my accomplishments, which includes over 6 years of investments in senior home living and mental health facilities in Ontario where there were none before,” said Danny. “The problem with career politicians is that their primary job is to get elected. My primary job is creating more jobs, creating new commerce, and making things better for all people. I will not only focus on the easy and popular issues in Vaughan but the hard ones too.”

Danny enjoys being active in the community and is known by many people in Vaughan, Woodbridge and the Greater Toronto Area.

“It is very nice to see a business leader like Danny DeSantis step up and do something good for everyone,” said Domenic D’Aversa. “I have known Danny for a long time and I have great respect for him as a hard-working entrepreneur. He is a very serious individual who is going to do great things for Vaughan.”

“Danny is a close friend and an investor in one of my companies. He is a person of singular focus who sets the bar very high, which leads to great accomplishments,” says Mike Anobile. “I believe in Danny, and I know that he would be an exceptional Mayor for Vaughan.”

Danny’s business skills are the keys to his success as a leader of Vaughan. If the people elect Danny DeSantis as the Mayor of Vaughan, they will discover what all his associates already know – Danny does not fail!

If you want a big change for the city, help elect a new mayor of Vaughan and vote for Danny DeSantis. The city of Vaughan Municipal Election will be held Monday October 24th, 2022.

For more information including a list of upcoming public appearances or to arrange for an in-person, private interview with Danny DeSantis, please contact Fred at 647-402-7411 | fred@electdesantis.ca

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