“I have a Christmas Party every year for my friends, this year I am opening the doors to all of Willowdale.” The Queen Margherita Pizza Restaurant was home to Danny DeSantis’ Christmas party last night. This year the invitation went out to the people of Willowdale as well. “It will take time for everyone I met on the campaign trail to be coming out these parties. I want to get the message out to Willowdale that the party continues.” Danny continues to work hard for Willowdale. Getting to know the people and having them see him amongst friends is very important to him. “Also, I love to party and being with friends and family at this time of year is what it’s all about.”

Danny would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season in whatever form they choose to celebrate it. Keep checking in to this website for more party information and sign up to the email list here if you want to be notified of events.

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