Danny DeSantis, a city Councillor candidate for Ward 18 in Willowdale, promotes his policies and meets with Toronto Mayor John Tory

TORONTO, September 17, 2018 – At the Albany Club luncheon, Toronto Mayor John Tory met with special guests to discuss upcoming issues. Danny DeSantis spoke during the after-lunch question and answer period to present issues important for the growth of Ward 18. Danny’s top priority was expansion of the TTC subway system: Yonge Street extension North to Steeles, Sheppard Avenue to Downsview/Sheppard West Station, and adding another Sheppard station between Yonge and Bayview. Mayor John Tory was very receptive to the changes proposed.

Born and raised in the community of Willowdale, Danny DeSantis is instinctively aware of local issues that need work. In addition to the TTC Subway Service Extension, Danny’s Ward 18 policies include:

Improve 401 Access at Yonge Street
Building a better access ramp to Highway 401 eastbound lanes will decrease traffic jams along Yonge and Sheppard.

Increase Police Protection
Increasing police budgets for enforcement and community education is very important as crime and speeders are a major concern to Willowdale constituents.

Create Bike Paths along Beecroft or Doris instead of Yonge
Allowing bicycle traffic along Yonge Street increases traffic congestion and creates hazardous conditions for cyclists.

Improve Infrastructure: Roads, Sewers and Power
Fixing roads for the long term is the solution, rather than patching; sewers have not kept up with the local demand; power grid must be moved underground.

Promote Business Development along Sheppard
Encouraging first floor development of commercial spaces along Sheppard Avenue will increase commerce and employment.

Expand Affordable Housing and Daycare
Expanding development of affordable housing and daycare spaces will support people on fixed incomes and our elderly.

Champion Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability
Spending money entrusted by the citizens requires great responsibility and transparency. City Councillors must be accountable to serve the people of Toronto.

Create a Pedestrian Sub-Path for Year Round Access
Encouraging businesses to connect subway with condos and office buildings along Yonge Street will increase commerce in a sub-environment similar to PATH Toronto.

VOTE to support Danny DeSantis for Councillor of Ward 18 in the Willowdale, Toronto municipal election on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Learn more about Danny DeSantis and his “Elect DeSantis” campaign by visiting https://electdesantis.ca.


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